BBC Airs Assisted Suicide Documentary; NRLC responds

The BBC aired a documentary produced by author Terry Pratchett last night which shows the final moments of Peter Smedley’s life in a Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.  NRL News Editor Dave Andrusko wrote about the show for NRL News Today.  According to London’s Daily Mail, as of just a few hours ago, the BBC has received nearly 900 complaints about the one-sided presentation “romanticizing” assisted suicide.

Early today, we received a call for a response from NTN24, a Colombian-based 24-hour cable news outlet which can be seen both in the United States and throughout Latin America.  National Right to Life’s Cristina Minniti-Perez responded to the documentary saying compassion, not death, is what patentients need.  Cristina’s interview served to provide a strong pro-life pespective to viewers around the world.


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