Nashville Dispatch – Day 4

If you’ve been following our Twitter feed, you already know that our team from SAGU placed third in the 36.DV Challenge with their “I Am National Right to Life” ad.

Krystle, Danielle, Richie and Jason face the judges during the wrap-up for the 36.DV Challenge at NRB11.

To recap: beginning at 9pm Friday night, the team comprise of Krystle Sonmore, Danielle Chambers, Jason Rutel and Richie Kotwica (under the watchful guidance of their faculty advisor Rob Price) had 36 hours to come up with a promotional ad for NRLC.  In that time they had to familiarize themselves with our work, conceptualize the ad, storyboard it, script it, film it, edit it, code it and turn it in by 9am Sunday morning (they submitted the final cut at 8:59am 🙂 ).

The iNRB judges evaluated all five video projects based on content and technical excellence and announced the winners during the iNRB awards ceremony last night.  The top three videos were all within a few points of each other.  Even though our team didn’t take 1st place (and the $150 cash prize for each student that went with it), they placed first in our eyes for all of their hard work.

Our winning team from SAGU: Richie Kotwica, Danielle Chambers, Jason Rutel, and Krystle Sonmore.

And now, the team’s video…”I Am National Right to Life”:


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