Dispatch from Nashville – Day 3

And we’re off! (And we skipped talking to you on Day 2).

The Exhibition Hall officially opened about 30 minutes ago and we’re down here talking to the early bird attendees who waiting for the official opening ceremony.  Lots of thumbs-up from passers-by and our stack of educational literature is already starting to dwindle.

And we’ve already visited with our friend Janet Mefferd from the Salem Media family!  Most of the time, we only get to talk to Janet over the phone during interviews on her show.  It’s great to see her, and other hosts, while we’re here in Nashville.

A quick update on the team from SAGU creating a :60-second promotional video for NRLC during the 36.DV Challenge.  Their 36 hours ended at 9am and the top 3 from both the audio and video categories will be unveiled during the iNRB awards ceremony at 4:30.  We’re hopeful that our team will be in the that top 3.  We’ll find out in just a few hours!

We promised some pictures of our booth…we finally got a memory card for the camera…after we remembered the phone had photo capabilities!  So, here, looking a little pixelated, are some of the phone shots from yesterday before the exhibit hall opened.

Shot of the booth from the corner aisle

Our sitting area for meetings

The view from our booth looking toward the entrance. That's convention registration right ahead. We're close to the front!

Looking toward the back of the hall...


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