Can’t Make It To Pittsburgh?

NRLC President Wanda Franz PhD introduces the morning session

Are you stuck in your state, wishing you could be in Pittsburgh for the National Convention? No worries – you can catch us online!

For those who can’t be with us for the 70+ workshops and sessions at the Convention, we’re providing another option.

We will be posting broadcasts of key General Sessions online, on this blog, every night at 9 PM throughout the Convention.

Tonight, Thursday, we will air the opening General Session with Stephen Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute. Stephen will address the topic of sex-selection abortions.

Tomorrow, Friday, we will air the morning general session on Unborn Pain, with Stephen Zielinski and Burke Balch. This important session will also cover the recently passed landmark unborn pain bill in Nebraska.

Saturday, tune in to see House Minority Leader John Beohner, who will receive the National Right to Life Legislative Leadership Award.

Just head back to this blog every evening at 9 PM, and find out what you’re missing.


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