Tuesday from the Convention Floor

We’ll be wrapping up things here on the NRB Convention Exhibit floor in just a over an hour.  As the convention draws to a close, we can reflect back and say that it’s been a great three days here in Nashville.  We’ve added Finland, Brazil and Germany to the list of international visitors with whom we have connected.  All of our public service announcement packets are gone and we have only a handful of Pro-Life Perpsective demo kits left.  Copies of the January issue of NRL News are gone. 

By far, the most popular piece has been our full-color brochure on fetal development, a baby’s first month.  As popular with many Christian television stations has been the brochure’s sister DVD, Infinite Possibilities: A Baby’s First Month

Derrick made an appearance on WTTW who is broadcasting live from the convention floor – a great discussion about what people can do to help transform our culture and restore respect for the humanity of the unborn child in our world.

Unfortunately, our wireless connection inside the exhibit hall is a little slower than we’d like, so you’ll have to forgive a delay in getting more photos posted.  We promimse to post pictures once we get back to our hotel rooms.

Tomorrow we pull out of Nashville and make the drive back to DC knowing that the past few days here in Music City USA have been extremely productive and that we have done as much as possible to help ministries and broadcasters expand their own pro-life ministries and share the pro-life message back in their communities.


One response to “Tuesday from the Convention Floor

  1. when the abortion movement leaves the religious,only then will it succeed.jesus never spoke of the unborn,only murder of the skin.

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