New York Times wrong on Oklahoma

Monday, Oct. 26th, The New York Times wrote a scathing editorial attacking the new reporting law in Oklahoma. Tony Lauinger, Chairman of Oklahoman’s for Life, submitted a letter to the editor in response. While the letter has not yet been printed, you can read it here.

Educating oneself has never been  more important than now, in our age of 24 news, and, more often than not, opinion cycle. Check out NRLC’s press release on the law for more information.  

To the Editor:
 Your “Oklahoma v. Women” (Oct. 26) does a grave disservice to the pregnant women, unborn children, and legislators of Oklahoma. 
 As the Guttmacher Institute (former research arm of Planned Parenthood) wrote in Sept 2005, “Understanding women’s reasons for having abortions can inform public debate and policy regarding abortion and unwanted pregnancy.  Demographic changes over the last two decades highlight the need for a reassessment of why women decide to have abortions.”
 Oklahoma deserves praise, not criticism, for gathering state-specific demographic and statistical information about abortions in our state.  The reports are totally anonymous and contain no information about a woman’s hometown or county of residence. 
 Reducing the number of abortions is a goal that even abortion advocates claim to support.  This legislation could help achieve that objective by identifying problems that lead Oklahoma women to seek abortions, thus making it possible to address underlying issues.

One response to “New York Times wrong on Oklahoma

  1. We are fighting Abortion on the wrong battleground. While it is definitely a moral issue, that is not the universal issue. Abortion has ruined our economy! Biblically, it defies the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply….”, which is necessary before we can “…replenish the earth.”. I make an urgent plea to all those who are or have access to STATISTICIANS. Crunch the numbers….please…..immediately! Report to anyone and everyone you find. How many humans, just in the US, have been eliminated since Roe vs Wade? How many of those might have been geniuses? How many would have paid college tuition? How much tax revenue has been lost? How much more production (of anything) may have occurred? How many would have served or be serving in the military to defend our freedom? President O’Bama mentioned that we “do not have enough troops”. I wonder why! Power has always been in numbers. The Roman Catholic Church recognized that from the beginning, as well as being adamant about adherence to scripture. Any peoples who have the majority of population have the strength to enforce their ideology. This is especially true in a Democracy. I hear the Islamic leaders are compelling their people to have more children. They do not even push “family units”, just more humans within their control. Why has no one seen this before now? Where are the family units that can care for their elderly and the very young, because they can share the financial burden and share the time needed? Some of our Christian communities have come close to maintaining these imperative family units, but everyone else has become diluted by our gravitation to an environment of leisure. Now is NOT the time to deny that we have gone astray. We have been deceived (duh!) but it is not too late to open our eyes, turn from everything that destroys anyone who gets entangled and make it right. Telling the general population they are in danger and should change is not what we need. SHOW, by statistics, the danger we have placed ourselves in and how, by reversing the trend of denying procreation, to get out of the fire. The vast majority of our population will change if we tell them WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM!”. No one is innocent in this.

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