Tim Ryan: Pro-Life Impersonator

Congressman Tim Ryan (D- Oh.) has become a major asset to the pro-abortion lobby in Washington. In recent weeks, for example, Ryan has worked with pro-abortion groups to undermine the efforts of the pro-life members of the U.S. House of Representatives (of both parties) who are seeking to remove pro-abortion provisions from the health care bills being pushed by the Obama White House.

Although Ryan’s voting record in recent years is NOT pro-life, he continues to impersonate a pro-life lawmaker in order to undercut genuine pro-life initiatives in Congress. Therefore, NRLC has set up a special web page that links to several detailed documents regarding Ryan’s pro-abortion activities, including a report by veteran NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson. This report contains quotes critical of Ryan from multiple pro-life groups and from key pro-life members of the House of Representatives.

The page also links to a recent article about Ryan published by The Weekly Standard.

To visit the new NRLC page on “Tim Ryan, pro-life impersonator,” click here .


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