From the NRLC 2009 Press Office…

Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina! Communications Assistant Jessica Rodgers here, in the press room monitoring media comings and goings with fellow assistant Megan McCrum, Director Derrick Jones, and our great intern Tatiana Elowson.

Today kicked off to a great start in the morning with a gathering of the leaders of NRLC and our SC and NC affiliates for a press breakfast. Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, Director of Education at The National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, opened the convention with a GREAT speech on stem cells and the amazing scientific discoveries surrounding the often misunderstood treatments. Like all pro-lifers, Fr. Tad supports ethical adult stem cell research. Latest numbers show that more than 70 treatments for diseases have been derived  from adult stem cells, while embryonic stem cells have yet to have a single human trial (for more information, visit .

After a break for lunch (during which it was great to catch up with old friends!), the sessions started up with everyone heading off to their respective workshops.

Here in the press office we’ve been checking in camera crews and arranging interviews with Olivia Gans—NRLC Spokesman and Director of American Victims of Abortion and NRLC President Dr. Wanda Franz. There’s been a steady stream of old and new friends coming in to say hi, and the back of the press room has been occupied by members of National Teens for Life Advisory Board, as they prepare for upcoming workshops.

Students from the ’07 and ’08 NRLC Academy classes have come in to volunteer and attend sessions, and it’s been encouraging to see so many young faces again this year attending the National Teens for Life Convention.

I took a break from the press office to go around and take pictures for a while, and was so excited to see all of the workshops so well attended. Lights had gone out in one of the workshop rooms but even sitting in the dark couldn’t dissuade pro-lifers from listening attentively to the speakers.

The first day of the Convention is always a long one, but the energy here is great. Attendee’s are excited to hear Kate Adamson speak tonight, and are getting geared up for the prayer breakfast in the morning.

Day one is off to an excellent start- – we’ll keep you updated!

 Check out more of the action on the convention department’s blog:, complete with this video, which we’re totally re-posting:

More to come!


One response to “From the NRLC 2009 Press Office…

  1. Excellent! Wish I were there but it’s great to read about what’s happening. Thanks for the updates!

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