Health Care Reform Webinar

From NRLC’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, a new webinar on health care reform entitled “How America Can Afford Health Care Reform Without Rationing.”  The webinar runs just over an hour.  You can download a copy of the Powerpoint Slides here:  HCWebinarSlides


4 responses to “Health Care Reform Webinar

  1. I highly recommend this presentation! It helped me understand the present situation that pays for U.S. health care, what would not work with government paid health care (single payer), and what would work! Thanks so much!

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  4. having been in right to life via minn. MCCL since 1968 i have had wonderful resources to keep educated on anti life forces—-so important to me out here as a nurse on the prairie—health care and farming —family big part of my life—moral health care is threatned unbelievably—thank you for all the up to the minute info—time for me to get in touch with daily e-mail to congressman

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