Now Posted: The Obama Record on Life

potusrecordsThe Obama Record on Life is now available from the National Right to Life website. To access the PDF file (as well as the PDF files for the records of Presidents Regan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush), see the POTUS records page at

These are a great  tool you can use in your communities to educate friends and family about the life and death actions taken by the presidents during their time in the Oval Office.  Please feel free to download, copy and distribute these materials freely.


One response to “Now Posted: The Obama Record on Life

  1. Since the 1960’s the world changed it’s attitude. It adopted totally ‘self seeking’ concepts such as: “If it feels god do it”, “Free Love”, and ” this is my life leave me alone”. In the pursuit of happiness, we’ve allowed immorality to have it’s way, and thrown God out the window. Now we can see the results. There is war every where, terrorists, and suicide bombers, the financial markets are corrupt and the medical industry has swayed from saving lives to taking lives. Try as we might,we do not have the ability to fix it. We must recognize God {as God} and as humble creatures ask for His help and he, as a loving father, will make things right.

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