NRB Convention Wrap-Up

We’re home!

Jessica and I drove back into DC and arrived at the office shortly after 10pm last night.   What a beautiful day for an 11-hour drive (until we hit torential rains around Strasburg, Virginia) and a perfect way to end this year’s convention with blue skies all around.

Every year we return to DC exhausted from the intense schedule on the convention floor, but invigorated by all the people we have met.  Tuesday marked the last day of the convention and exhibition and people were still making their way through the hall as they announced its closure at 4pm.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, our entire country has been affected by the destructive legacy of Roe v. Wade, and everyone at NRB is no different.  A number of people came up to us to share their own stories, including personal experiences with abortion and the heartbreaking tragedy of miscarriages.  All of them had a through-line: their experience made them realize just how wonderful is the gift of life and it jumpstarted their own personal pro-life witness to their communities.

Many people walked away with the latest information from National Right to Life, including our Stop the Abortion Agenda campaign.  And several new station partners walked away with demos of Pro-Life Perspective and our entire Perspectives on Life public service announcement series.  Olivia also did one last interview with Faith Radio out of Montgomery, Alabama — literally was walking by and the station manager nabbed her from the aisle to do a quick sit-down.  It all happened so fast that I didn’t get a picture, but if you’re in Montgomery, chances are you can probably listen to it!

If you’ve been following the blog the past few days, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at how your National Right to Life staff is working to further our pro-life work and reach out to new people.  We truly think of ourselves as working for you — our dedicated grassroots volunteers — when we are at a convention like this.   It’s an honor to work on your behalf for our common goal of protecting unborn children and helping their mothers.



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