NRB Convention Day 3

Greetings again from Music City USA!

Today’s the third and final day of the NRB Convention exhibition.  This year’s convention, like years previous, has been a great experience.  We’ve re-connected with old friends, made new friends and shared lots of literature with everyone in attendance (the car will be much lighter on the drive back tomorrow). 

Obviously, this is a broadcasting convention, so one of our primary goals is to reach out to radio stations with information about Pro-Life Perspective and Perspectives on Life.  Once again, we’ve met some wonderful folks eager to expand their station’s pro-life outreach and we look forward to reaching more people through our radio programs with their partnership and help.

BTW — if you’ve surfed into the Pro-Life Perspective website at all in the past few days, you’ll note that it’s a little out of date.  We’re working on improving the technical side to make it easier to update…which takes a little time and we’re still working on it.  Look for a new and improved site very, very soon.

Will post again as we get closer to the end.  It’s definitely another busy day down here!


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