Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?

National Right to Life has just published a new piece which provides an objective side-by-side comparison of the candidates for President and Vice President.

Download the PDF here: http://www.nrlc.org/Election2008/comparision0909084c.pdf


3 responses to “Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?

  1. preservetherepublic

    I posted on a few blogs recently concerning Obama’s record on protecting abortion survivors. I targeted a few blogs that attacked Palin for supporting the aerial hunting of wolves. I asked the questions, “How can you complain about this without criticizing Obama on protecting abortion survivors? Are wolves more important than this?” Only one person answered me and that one cursed me out. http://preservetherepublic.wordpress.com/

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was on realclearpolitics reading the blogs concerning the abortion ad running against Obama. Liberals are SO hateful. And you are right about the wolf hunting. they say the wolves have no way to defend themselves when being shot from an aircraft. Do they think babies can defend themselves? The way I see it, the only difference is that abortion actually takes HUMAN lives!

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