From the Convention – Day 4

Here’s the last update from Karen and Darla who were on site all week for the GOP Convention in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

We were honored to attend the last night of this historic occasion: John McCain accepted the presidential nomination “with gratitude, humility and confidence,” during the Republican National Convention.

Following initial business on the agenda, the evening began with a number of speakers including Senator Sam Brownback from Kansas, Senator Mel Martinez from Florida, Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallen, and Minnesota Governor Tom Pawlenty.

Cindy McCain introduced her husband, Senator John McCain.

During his acceptance speech, Senator John McCain told us, “We believe in … a culture of life – personal responsibility, the rule of law and judges who dispense justice impartially and don’t legislate from the bench.  We believe in the values of families, neighborhoods, and communities.”  His was an inspiring, confident speech as he accepted the nomination.

Governor Sarah Palin joined Senator McCain on the stage at the conclusion of his remarks.  Balloons and confetti fell as the crowd roared their approval of their new nominees.

The 2008 Republican National Convention has now adjourned. The delegates have voted, the candidates have accepted, and the Republican ticket for president and vice president is decided. Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are the Republican nominees.

As they waved to the cheering crowd, we thought to ourselves – what a great pro-life team!


One response to “From the Convention – Day 4

  1. I was reading comments on a blog on real clear politics that was about abortion. I have to wonder- just how far has our country sunk?! How can liberals be so hateful? They condemn Christians and pro-life advocates, yet they worry desperately about the rights of polar bears, terrorists, and child predators. They feel no guilt about marching in an anti-war protest AT a soldiers funeral (1 even going so far as to carry a sign stating GOD LOVES DEAD SOLDIERS) yet they don’t see abortion as ‘meaningless’ death. I guess it is only meaningless to die for a country- 1/2 of which apparently can’t appreciate it because they think it was for the wrong reason. I wish we could divide the country down the middle and send them to their side- never to have to deal with them again!!!! Don’t get me wrong- Women should have the right to choose- they can choose to have sex- they know the risks. If Obama has his way, they will learn about it in kindergarten!!!

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