Appalling… yet expected

It’s as appalling as it is expected.

**Warning: Soap Box moment ahead that might fall slightly off-topic**

I’ve got MSNBC on in background in the office.  I’ve spent most of the weekend reading the Drudge Report, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, the New York Sun, the Chicago Tribune, the Anchorage Daily News, the DailyKos,, (well, you get the picture).  Without a leg to stand on or a straw to grasp, the liberal intelligentsia has done everything they can to undermine Sarah Palin’s candidacy as Senator McCain’s vice presidential running mate simply because they’re scared (and they should be).

The first attack volley came from a blogger at the ever-venomous, uber-liberal DailyKos with the unsubstantiated (and false!) rumor that Gov. Palin’s son, Trig (who was born about 5 months ago) was really her eldest daughter’s son and that the Palins covered up Bristol’s pregnancy.   Eager to discount McCain’s choice, the mainstream media started to report on the blog post.  It should be noted that they played it close to the line: they didn’t question or investigate the veracity of the blogger’s claims, they merely reported that this claim it was out there (because that’s news…maybe they’ll report that our NRLC blog is out there too). 

Next, they went after Gov. Palin’s ability as a working mother claiming that it’s virtually impossible for her to both be a mother to her children and hold the second highest office in the land.  Where are the women who have spent their lives arguing that women are fully capable of handling demanding jobs and raising a family?   Shouldn’t they be embracing Palin’s candidacy, rather than joining in to degrade her abilities?

After flailing around all weekend, they’ve finally settled into a two-prong attack: the first is what we call a “process story.”  With the “revelations” on Monday that Todd Palin (dubbed Alaska’s “First Dude” by the Anchorage Daily News) was charged with a DUI two decades ago and the announcement that Bristol Palin is five months pregnant, is keeping her child and marrying the father, the media are questioning McCain’s vetting process.  They’re peppering the Senator with questions at public events convinced that McCain only chose Palin at the last minute and, as a result, the campaign did not complete a thorough investigation of Palin’s background (when it appears the opposite is actually true: Palin was vetted completely and McCain was aware of all of the news media’s “revelations”).

The second prong is designed to rope in discussions of Palin’s working mother ability and the vetting process in one swing: Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.  It’s been more than forty years since young children were involved in a political campaign (Caroline and John-John Kennedy) and, quite frankly, the media don’t know what to do.  Bottom line: Bristol Palin is choosing life and providing a public witness for her pro-life views and that of the entire family.  The Palins obviously accept that children are a blessing.  Beyond that, it should be off the table for discussion (as both campaigns have noted, candidates’ children are off-limits) 

Watching the coverage of the DNC Convention last week, the announcement of Palin for VP, and the coverage of the RNC Convention speaks volumes to the skewed nature of the mainstream media in this election.



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