From the Convention – Day 1

Here’s the latest from Darla St. Martin, our co-executive director and Karen Cross, our political director, who are in Minneapolis for the GOP convention:

Greetings from Minneapolis and Day 1 of the RNC Convention. 

Today, obviously, all of our prayers are going out to the residents of the Gulf Coast coping with Hurricane Gustav.   Because of the storm, the convention schedule today has been shortened.  Most of the country will only see the prefunctory issues (credentials committee, rules committee, platform committee, etc) regarding the governance of the convention and the part on C-SPAN.  First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain each gave brief remarks before the convention gaveled to recess for the evening.

One special note: the platform committee report was adopted by the entire convention making the GOP’s platform — containing the strongest-ever language on life — official.

Of course, the entire convention and, indeed, the entire country are abuzz with the selection of Governor Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate.  As our press release noted last week, Governor Palin is a strong pro-lifer and has served as a positive witness for life. 

We look forward to the days ahead and we’ll keep you posted.

Darla & Karen

Look for more updates from Minneapolis!  Thanks Darla & Karen!


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