Obama hit on born-alive claims by NRLC, McCain, Factcheck

Our Fed Leg Department just updated our White Paper on Barack Obama and the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act.  Here’s from their release today at noon:

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) today issued an expanded “white paper” regarding the growing controversy regarding the record of Barack Obama on the right to life of babies who are born alive during abortions.


The new document comes 17 days after NRLC’s release, on August 11, of newly uncovered documents that demonstrated that Obama had been mispresenting his record on the issue since 2004.  On August 16, when  asked specifically about the NRLC charges during a televised interview with CBN’s David Brody, Obama responded that “they have not been telling the truth” and “folks are lying.”  But in a report issued August 25, the independent organization FactCheck.org concluded:  “Obama’s claim is wrong. . . . The documents from the NRLC support the group’s claims that Obama is misrepresenting the contents of SB 1082.” 


The new NRLC document is titled, “Barack Obama’s Actions and Shifting Claims on the Protection of Born-Alive Aborted Infants — and What They Tell Us About His Thinking on Abortion.”  It is authored by NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson and Legislative Counsel Susan T. Muskett.  The white paper (with links to pertinent documents) may be viewed in a web browser here, or downloaded in the PDF format here

The new white paper is a must-read for every pro-lifer.



2 responses to “Obama hit on born-alive claims by NRLC, McCain, Factcheck

  1. What does National Right to Life think of Sara Palin for Vice Pres?

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