It’s official

None of us are in Denver this week for the Democratic convention (for obvious reasons), but I’ve been glued to C-SPAN watching all of the coverage live (really I’m just waiting for the balloons and’s fun television).

The Democratic Party has just officially nominated pro-abortion Illinois Senator Barack Obama as their nominee for President of the United States.   Obama is perhaps the most pro-abortion candidate ever nominated for President.

The folks in our Fed Leg Department has done a tremendous job of documenting Obama’s record on the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois.  Check it out:

And we’ve also put together a great comparison piece that factually outlines the positions of both Barack Obama and John McCain.  You can download it in PDF here:

-Derrick Jones
NRLC Communications Director


2 responses to “It’s official

  1. The case for the GOP has begun. Language like this will save lives and end abortion.

  2. Melissa from Nevada

    Great idea on the blog!

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